My guide to the Olsens in celebration of Nickelodeon acquiring their catalogue (although they'll always be ABC Family girls to me). A lifetime fan's research realized. Comments/alternates welcome
  1. It Takes Two
    A huge deal was made over "New York Minute" being their first theatrical release, but I HIGHLY doubt Kirstie Alley and Steve Guttenberg would do a direct to VHS at the HEIGHT of their careers. But I was 4 when it came out so I can't fight this misconception with certainty
  2. Billboard Dad
    An obvious one. True "Olsen-era" perfection. I was CONVINCED I would have their life the second I moved to California. Alas and alack.
  3. Our Lips are Sealed
    Witness protection program amazing-ness. It taught me everything I know about Australia. And I'm totally okay with it not being corrected because queens Olsen taught me
  4. New York Minute
    Kendra was using Mary-Kate as a style icon at this point (2004), so she was more excited than me tbh. I still loved it. It's the embodiment of all things early 2000 and genuinely fun. I felt like a grown-up because THEY were grown up
  5. Passport to Paris
    I'm pretty certain I got my European history degree because of the montage in this movie
  6. Double, Double Toil and Trouble
    This scared me EVERY TIME and yet I continued to watch almost monthly. I don't know why Kendra didn't take me back to the child psychologist who watched me play with Barbies then. I can't do horror movies now
  7. Switching Goals
    As the only sibling in my little step-sibling pocket who didn't play competitive soccer/enjoy playing with butterflies during Sunday games, I was SURE owning this movie would make my brother and sister like me.
  8. Getting There
    Super topical re: 2002 Winter Olympics. The we're 16-years-old, not-a-girl-not-yet-a-woman movie that made me CRAVE my own road trip (my drive with Kendra WAS more fun though).
  9. When in Rome
    The prairie skirts and chunky highlights rivaled the Roman scenes. Cute but forgettable
  10. Winning London
    Even with my major Anglophilia, I know this was mediocre at best. The plot was weak and the boys weren't that cute.
  11. Holiday in the Sun
    Obvious vanity project/excuse to go to the beach. Which like... Good for them. But I don't really remember it/remember liking it.
  12. To Grandmother's House We Go
    Their first movie. And it shows.
  13. How the West was Fun
    Completely overrated and over-played. I've never been into the cowboy aesthetic and I still think it's garbage.
  14. The Challenge (?)
    Some bullshit movie they apparently made in 2003. I had to read about it on iMDB. I feel betrayed.
  15. The Little Rascals*
    *Only because it's not a TRUE "Olsen twins movie." Still one of the best movies of my childhood.