My parents sat me down when I was 15 and said "you smell bad a lot... We are worried about your mental health." And they should still be worried about my mental health because I have 10+ sticks of deodorant in rotation always and ask the people I'm with if I smell every hour. And I shower twice a day. So yeah, mental health
  1. My purse
  2. My car
  3. My desk at work
  4. My backpack
  5. My carrel at school
  6. My bathroom at my parents' house
  7. My mom's bathroom
  8. My trunk
  9. My bathroom in my apartment
  10. My bedroom in my apartment
  11. My bedroom at my parents' house
  12. My mom's car
  13. My clutch at a dance
  14. Etc... I'm sure. I've lost track.
  15. My coffin