1. She met her husband of 30 years by pinching his butt
  2. She lives in a multi-million dollar, 6500 square foot lake house but she's moving to a condo because she's "sick of cleaning"
  3. She says "no sir" when I tell her about legal injustices
  4. She took in her husband's employee when his parents moved away his senior year. And she helped him get a full-ride to college. And she threw his graduation party
  5. She draws cartoons on her calendar
  6. She writes my checks
  7. She fixes my (many) technological problems
  8. She talks to me about the Bachelorette
  9. She gives me old office gossip but is never snarky or mean about it
  10. She deals with crazy people like a champ - like the lady who got arrested at a hearing for a bad check she wrote 8 years ago
  11. She says "Mars or Jupiter or Venus or something or whatever" when referencing my constant talk about Mercury in Retrograde
  12. She invites me to lunch
  13. She taught me how to use the office coffee maker
  14. She let me know forgetting the Oxford comma is my bosses biggest pet peeve
  15. She supplies me with highlighters
  16. She let me buy an external numeric keypad for the laptop I eventually broke