They were actually really nice people who wanted to be safe and have a good time on a rare weekend away from their kids. But this stuff amused me.
  1. "My husband left for a business trip the day I brought my youngest home from the hospital"
  2. "I work with the finance companies. But I'm not on the floor, doing the nitty-gritty stuff anymore. It was too intense"
    You know being a firefighter is a thing, right?
  3. "Were we supposed to call our kids tonight?" "Oh I already talked to them. They asked about you."
  4. "I was on call the other night and I had to clean food out of an old woman's esophagus"
  5. "Jennifer, you know there were lawyers in the other car, right? Did you talk to them? Give them your resume" "Kind of. I told them the wills and estates details of the Anna Nicole Smith saga."
    Yeah that one was on me. I need a human interaction chip... But they did seem intrigued by my "OJ, Bill Clinton, or Anna Nicole will come up in some case in every class in law school" theory.