He really knew what he was doing in the 90's. Role model for sure.
  1. Abuse Afrin to help breathing
  2. Drink after a trying day
    Or most days tbh
  3. Wear windbreakers
    They're actually his from 1997. *Go his Tony Soprano phase!*
  4. Cuss at the TV
    Granted it's Real Housewives and The Daily Show, not the Redskins game and CNN
  5. Let someone over-charge me to avoid wasting energy on fighting them
    I really have reached my Comcast limit
  6. Turn the TV up really loud to drown out the voices of people in the room talking
  7. Forget everyone's name and call them "buddy"
    There are just too many people
  8. Smoke
    I'm still on their health insurance so don't like... Send this to them?
  9. Sleep the Saturday away