Hypothetically speaking. And universally applicable
  1. Walking the dogs
  2. Deciding not to live in filth and squalor and actually cleaning your tiny room so you can walk across it comfortably
  3. Making your mother take you to Target for more temporary plastic furniture because you have a temporary plastic life
  4. Casually mentioning that she is buying you glittery sandals
  5. Freaking out because you think your mother is freaking out
  6. Badgering her about why she is freaking out. When she's not freaking out
  7. Crying in frustration over how difficult it is to get the memory foam cover on your deteriorating steering wheel
  8. Attempting to set up technology
  9. Realizing you have to call Time Warner Cable
  10. Taking 2 Klonopin
  11. Watching the Season 3 Reunion episode of The Real Housewives of New York because it soothes you in ways it shouldn't
  12. Eating processed sugar and white flower for the first time in a month
  13. Guzzling the second cheapest wine
  14. Watching Goodfellas and Casino. And constantly praising Scorsese
  15. Hoping your boss gives you some indication of approval or the rare nugget of praise for your self-admitted awesome, killer memo tomorrow
  16. Falling asleep to Veep