Requested by @minirachel. But she needn't of asked me. Because I frequently beg her to repeat these lines back to me.
  1. You have a really defined chin
  2. You're nothing like your father
  3. You are pulling off that red lipstick and it doesn't make your teeth look even more yellow than usual
    They're yellow because my mom had to let the ER doctors give me some medicine to stop my "fever from causing brain damage." I'm still mad at that bitch
  4. I love your Twitter
    This isn't any sort of joke. I mean it.
  5. You seem really well informed
  6. It's totally awesome that you wear yoga pants every day
  7. Your crazy mother isn't the most interesting thing about you
  8. You have really good taste in TV shows
  9. It's better that you sold cars than getting a legal internship
  10. You're eyebrows are on fleek. Actually they are just works of art.
  11. I couldn't tell that you are uncultured swine
  12. That's a really funny, interesting story. I definitely haven't heard it before. You definitely haven't told it to me before.