**INSPIRED BY MANY** I. Love. Folders. CATAPULTING myself onto this bandwagon because I just want to be liked and I think I give good iPhone
  1. Page 1a: The Essentials, Part I
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    The stuff my thumb is naturally drawn to. And the apps that keep me a semi-informed tax payer.
  2. Page 1b: The Essentials, Part II
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    I am still 23. I'm *young* and ~hip~. I have GOT to have social media on my first page. And this app is obviously crucial. Plus I need to know where the cops are based on how much I drive
  3. Page 2a: The total package
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    $3.99 weather radar app meets app telling me I'm out of money next to the app that delivers me streaming media. Password app meets all the amazing steaming apps my parents high end cable account grants me. ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED, JENNIFER? Page 2 really might be my favorite
  4. Page 2b: Getting down with the get-down
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    My new hour long commute will love this part of the screen. Non-visual entertainment on non-visual entertainment. Lark is to tell me if my sleep schedule is that fucked. And CLUE IS THE BEST THING SINCE... birth control... It tracks your period and sends you notifications re: that nightmare
  5. Page 3a: LOOK AT WHAT AN ADULT I AM. LOOKN AT THIS. LOOK AT ME... Yes. There are 2 "Utility" folders on this phone. I can handle it.
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  6. Page 3b: I'm a child.
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  7. I get offended when people don't have the same permanent bottom 4 as me.
  8. Do not say anything about the number of unread emails I have.
  9. Audible is my favorite app.