These are either totally played or unnecessary from the start.
  1. Bacon
  2. Why you're not a feminist
    You either are and don't understand basic definitions of English words... Or you aren't and I want no conversations with you
  3. Breaking Bad
    The show ended like 2 years ago... And it was never really that good?
  4. How much work you have to do/how little you want to do it
    Shut up and do it. Or don't. Please don't involve us in the process
  5. Why you don't own a television
    Do you own a laptop? THEN LIES
  6. The number of hours you slept last night
    We're all tired. Or not. Whatever. Let's talk about US foreign policy or The Real Housewives
  7. How many beers you drank last night
  8. What you did at the gym this afternoon
  9. The Big Bang Theory
    Not just if it's your favorite show. Thinking it's a bad show is not unique in any sense of the word.
  10. How busy you are
    We all are.
    Suggested by @seantimberlake