A decade of friendship and pretty much constant talking throughout the day for the last 6 years may not have been the best for @minirachel
  1. Sending her TONS of pictures of Chicken Little... And not remembering why
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    Before unlimited texting
  2. Reading gas prices aloud during hours-long road trips
  3. Making fun of her ex-boyfriends' Twitters
  4. Sending her the same Dashboard Confessional/Avril Lavigne song in AIM over and over - getting her to accept by changing the file names to songs she might want
    Old school. And only worked like twice. Yet I continued to try
  5. Refusing to make plans... Especially in the later years, when our time together was limited trips
  6. Falling asleep during every movie we watched in high school
  7. Continuing to complain about Kim Kardashian to her even though I know we have diametrically opposed views
    A lot because she's my only friend
  8. Coining the name "Mini Rachel," shortening it to "Mini," and using it so exclusively my stepdad didn't know her name was Rachel until 4 years in
  9. Starting conversations in the middle and expecting her to catch up
  10. Texting/calling her so much during her Monday night sorority meetings that her phone would vibrate for a minute straight when she turned it on
    Pretty much all of 2010
  11. Teaching her father (whom I call Devinson - another thing) the line "Make good choices!" as a carpool drop off line
  12. TP-ing her bedroom with her horrific friend senior year
  13. Communicating mostly through Peabody and Sherman stickers on Facebook for approximately a month
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    This year
  14. Tagging along to her Jewish camp reunion(S)
  15. Refusing to accept her given middle name and calling her "Rachel Anne Levinson" when trying to make a point
  17. Not being as awesome to her as she is to me