1. She told me old "Roseanne" plots as stories on the drive to my elite private school (that she made sure I went to)
  2. She let me watch "Friends" until the stock market closed during her "day trader" phase, and then made me do my homework
  3. She held my hair in her fist halfway down the root while she brushed my mane of hair to stop me from hurting/crying
  4. She risked being thrown in jail to get me away from my bio dad
  5. She told me I was smart, funny, and pretty every day of my life
  6. She let me watch "Back to the Future" and "Girl Interrupted" a little too young, but enforced a way too early bed time
  7. She let me have mental health days, and sometimes independently prescribed them to me. Then we would go cool places in Northern Virginia/DC
  8. She was my only friend for most of my life
  9. She doesn't make me feel any way other than totally normal for sleeping over at my fuckboy's house
    "Do you need condoms? Money for Plan B?" - the best mom
  10. She tells me the truth 💯% of the time
  11. She took me and the "popular girls" to a Jessica Simpson concert in 7th grade. And paid to upgrade everyone's ticket.
  12. She makes a mean skinnygirl margarita
  13. She loves coming up to clean my apartment and cook me food - because she "couldn't do it while you were in undergrad"
  14. She is excited to make me Indian food - Chicken Makhani - whenever I ask for it
  15. She is willing to go to the movies with me even though it makes her anxious
  16. She also identifies with the "Gilmore Girls"
  17. She is extremely quotable.
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