1. A life
  2. A non-toaster-oven-sandwich-based-diet
  3. Meaningful friendships
  4. A regular sleep schedule
  5. Interesting things happening in my life
  6. The ability to fit into just ONE pair of pants with buttons
  7. My dogs (back home with my parents)
  8. A healthy relationship with wine
  9. An appreciation for the law
  10. An appreciation for life
  11. A refill on my Klonopin
  12. A clean apartment
  13. An income stream
  14. A non-15-year-old-non-medicated level of paranoia about every word I say
  15. The ability to make it through one more goddamn year. 52 fucking weeks. 365 shitty days. An interminable 525,600 minutes. The ability to measure a year in breaths.