Inspired by many. Forced to act by @joakes and @chase020 and FOMO
  1. A model
    My biological father took me to the Virginia stop of the "find the next Oscar Meyer Weiner spokesperson Tour." I didn't win. I gave up FOREVER. I was 4.
  2. A lawyer
    They made my mom win
  3. A lawyer
    They made my biological dad lose
  4. An actor
    I have a flair for the dramatic
  5. A psychiatrist
    To find out why I'm so fucked up. Per usual. Per the profession.
  6. A lawyer
    They made money
  7. A journalist
    I had always liked to write. It was my niche in high school. I got to be funny my way. I made a deal with myself that I would go with the best school I got into. The UCs had political science. The CSUs had journalism (had to be a state school or I was paying... And I'm not paying.)
  8. A lawyer
    The best school I got into was a UC. And it was close to home (before my parents moved 3000 miles away 9 months into my freshman year). And it had a great poli sci program with great professors
  9. A writer
    I started a Tumblr and fell in love with my own voice. My best friend at the time categorically refused to read it and that should have been my last straw. That is just mean.
  10. A lawyer
    Life happened and I remembered why I want to help people and the level I can handle emotionally. I settled definitively on family law. No negotiations.
  11. An NYC PR girl
    Too much Bravo and I hadn't found my favorite History professor (double major to beat my brother) who would write my life changing reference letter yet
  12. A lawyer
    President of my pre-law fraternity by the hair on my chinny-chin-chin. I loved my peers and knew I was too far in to back out now. LSAT taken and mastered.
  13. A kept woman
  14. A lawyer
    Oh I actually got into law school. I've told too many people I want to do this to back out now. Here I go. My calling?
  15. Anything but a lawyer
    Law school sucks. Law school students are sociopaths. I fucked up.
  16. A professional Tweeter
    It's all I think about anyways. Buzzfeed must hire me in some capacity
  17. A lawyer
    Wait I'm actually good at this. I like it. I shockingly learned shit in law school. And I have over $100,000 in student loan debt. Bring on the Bar. And my professional domination. Oh and helping families.