I will actually fight anyone who has anything other than 100% positive things to say about this movie. I own ~4 copies and have seen it AT LEAST 80 times. I'm watching rn *this will apply forever*
  1. She's Kate Hudson
  2. She rocks a blunt bang
  3. She's a successful lawyer
  4. She lives and THRIVES in New York City
  5. She's a "FORMER" chubby girl
  6. She lives in the same city as her best friend
    Miss you @minirachel
  7. She *spoiler* has a successful engagement
  8. She gets the Vera Wang wedding dress
  9. She takes matters into her own hands and proposes with a Tiffany ring her fiancée already bought
  10. Casey Wilson wrote her story
  11. *Spoiler* Her best friend becomes her sister-in-law
    You're better than my brother @minirachel
  12. She rocks blue hair
  13. She wears a sneaky trench coat on par with Spy vs. Spy
    @joakes please bless this list and this sentiment
  14. Candice Bergen plans her wedding
  15. Her life-long friendship is more story-worthy than her dude shit
  16. She knows how to have life-long friendship, despite "Three's Company" style hijinks
  17. Honorable mention: "Do you think there is something better than Vera Wang? I'm sorry, do they keep that next to the something better than chocolate?" BFFrenemy Emma re: the aforementioned wedding dress
    Bless Casey Wilson (is she on List App?) for this wonderfully cheesy/brilliant line