Sights seen at the Jersey Shore - 4th of July weekend

4th of July is a busy time for beach goers. Also, more interesting for me to watch.
  1. I guess this meant they majored in Hospitality and Tourism? Congrats!
  2. These girls were literally taking photos of each other for a half hour. I hope they have great new Tinder profile pics!
  3. I feel sorry for this poor child. I also don't know why they were carrying a watermelon to the beach.
  4. Barnacle Bill looks like he's up to no good.
  5. Not pictured: an overgrown backyard with a huge brontosaurus statue with a unicorn horn on his head.
  6. Not pictured: many families playing corn hole in their yards
    One dad yelled "you look like Christmas!" to me regarding the red and green I was wearing.
  7. Not pictured: a man sitting alone on his porch with colorful party lights, listening to Frank Sinatra.
  8. Just kinda nice. Happy Fourth!