Sometimes I feel Hollywood is too saturated in gift culture. This is not one of those times.
  1. This is the gift basket that arrived tonight.
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    It's our last day of shooting the pilot for a show called MAX directed by @lenadunham and starring the delightful and frankly perfect @zoe.
  2. This is the outside of the card that came with it.
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  3. This is the inside of the card that came with it.
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  4. This is the LAMINATED LIST (!!!!) that accompanied the gift basket.
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    Do you get it?!?! They took @lenadunham list of best combos and put EVERY SINGLE ITEM listed into the gift basket.
  5. This is ListApp's choice for "pasta".
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    Homemade from Jon and Viinny's!!!!!!!!
  6. This is the one item that was not on the list yet included just to be classy.
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  7. These are the happy faces of the recipients of the world's best gift basket in the history of gift baskets.
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    Thank you @bjnovak and @dev and all @list. We love you all.