Flying is a drag. A hassle. We all wish we could teleport. That said, I've had some really good times on airplanes.
  1. 12 years old. Los Angeles to New York.
    My mom and I went on a grown-up lady trip to New York. This was my fantasy of what I thought glamorous mother/ daughter duos did all the time. We did it once. So it was the anticipation of that trip as well as People's Express. Do any oldies remember this airline? It was very fancy in First (I know, it's a theme) and I've never felt more sophisticated.
  2. 19 years old. Italy to Los Angeles.
    19 years old. Italy to Los Angeles. Having gone to boarding school across the country from my home, I was an early frequent flyer on TWA before everyone was onto the miles game. Flying home from my Junior year abroad, they spontaneously upgraded me to First. Sat next to a handsome older (in hindsight probably 35) gentleman who wore no socks and shared his cigarettes with me.
  3. 21 years old redeye from Los Angeles to JFK.
    Anything can be an adventure with Spike. We had aisles to ourselves to stretch across. Headphones used to be these rubbery jobbies with huge tubes. We threaded themthrough our seats and whispered secrets to each other all night.
  4. Any flight with @lenadunham . We are perfect travel companions. We know when to talk. We know when to sleep. We have the same taste in magazines. We can also spend hours debating whether an older New Yorker is trans or not. (Not that it's any of our business.