1. Plugging in partner's iPhone when low battery (without having been asked).
    I think this is a deeply romantic gesture. It's a tiny thing that reads very thoughtful. Look past your own charge!
  2. Making the dinner reservation
    The only thing I hate more than choosing a restaurant is calling and speaking to a human. Make a strong choice and follow through, be it on Open Table or on the phone, and I'm yours.
  3. Tipping well
  4. Passionately recommending a book you love.
    Bonus points if I've never heard of the book or if it's Americanah.
  5. Working hard
    I don't care what your job is, just do it with vigor and grace. And do it a lot.
  6. Being good at table sports
    I can't explain this but it is real and it is powerful.
  7. Knowing how to drive stick
    I realize this is barely relevant, but I strongly believe everyone should know how to drive stick and change a tire-- though tire is mandatory and knowledge of manual is sexy.