Reasons to Love the Crosby Hotel

I know this list is all "The Bowery" blah blah blah. But the Crosby (and the Greenwich) can be delightful.
  1. Gluten-free afternoon tea!
    I mean, dreams.
  2. Weird body forms that remind me of that tiny- waisted woman from The Guinness Book. Who has a waist like that? Somebody in olden times, that's who.
  3. Best water pressure in town, courtesy of this guy.
  4. Big fat windows, the size of the whole wall.
  5. Find me a cuter pencil, I dare you.
  6. Worth mentioning Gluten -free high tea again.
  7. This guy I actually don't like but no longer hate since I learned to turn off internal blue light (it took months).
  8. I actually do not know anyone staying here.
  9. This guy: