My 11 year old sister (I know--modern) joined us a soho house for brunch . She texted our 15 year old sister (who is in New York) from there. These are their exchanges.
  1. "Hey Frankie, it's Lu. Guess what: we are at brunch with @bjnovak !!!!!!!!!!!! (There are more exclamation points but I'm not doing it.)
    I'd like to note that she revealed nothing of her excitement during said brunch.
  2. "NO WAY STOP"
  3. 😏😏😏
  4. "I fucking hate you"
  5. "He keeps asking me questions and looking at me!"
  7. "So nice"
  8. "Do u even watch the office U bitch"
  9. "OMG shut up of course u bitch! He's so sweet. Ok I gtg. I'll say hi to Bj for u!"
  10. "Ugh. have fun"