1. Dessert is pointless.
    Unless it's cheese
  2. Cuddling is for when you are awake.
    I'm very affectionate but if it's bedtime, please go away.
  3. Exercise should happen every day.
    When I exercise every day, I never have to decide if I'm going to exercise. Also, it makes my brain feel great.
  4. Manhattans should be made with Rye only.
    No flexibility on this one.
  5. There is no reason to use a phone for talking.
    Exceptions for children.
  6. Life is long.
    People say life is short but they are wrong. It's long and exciting and boring and you'll forgive people you never thought you could and love people you never thought you would like and the strongest opinions change over time. This list will probably be a lie in five years.