Commonly loved things that I hate

  1. Cheese and crackers
  2. Small talk
  3. Mint ice cream
    Most things mint actually
  4. Having more than one pillow in my bed
  5. Babies
    Let's be real, they are ugly as hell
  6. Wet deodorant
  7. Sour cream
  8. Les Mis
    Yes, the award winning musical
  9. Short shorts
    I don't know about every other girl on the planet but those give me WEDGIES like a mother. Who wants to tolerate that by choice?? Not I.
  10. Pastel colored shirts
  11. Taylor Swift
    Exception/guilty pleasure: Shake It Off
  12. Texting
    But I also hate talking on the phone
  13. Strappy heels
  14. Floral body mists, lotions, etc.