1. Laughing at the short people in the crowd during concerts who can't see shit
  2. Staring into tinted windows
    This has done me some trouble a few too many times
  3. Using up all the good toilet paper
  4. Not getting more toilet paper when it's all out
  5. Listening to a song 4.7 million times in a row until I've lost all sense of reality
  6. Swimming across large bodies of water
  7. Eating so much dairy that I'm on the brink of going into a comatose state
  8. Sprinkling flamin hot cheetos throughout my home during family gatherings
  9. Wearing Birks all year round
    I live in Wisconsin
  10. Stalking someone so hard that I know them better than they know themselves
    DOB and social security # included
  11. Spending 7 hours doing my eyebrows so they look GÜD
  12. Setting off the smoke alarms when waking into buildings just from my hot bod
  13. Eating Nutella with pretzels but then ditching the pretzels so it's just me and Nutella