My nonsensical thought processes in their most raw state - how they first appear on my screen when I open up the notes app
  1. Field of dreams
  2. Because the udders of our seemingly mun...
    squeezing, sometimes.
  3. Cuz by reading this article, you will have...
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  4. Well, that's relativity, folks
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  5. ...more than book readers tell you how m...
    much of a problem it is
  6. Instagram - 6/2/16
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  7. Sytycd- where the light gets in (Travis w...
    top 10 girls), earth intruders, beautif
  8. DANCE MOMS - Bowie's still dancing, ru...
    of broken dreams, the Atlantic, boss l...
  9. Life told by the bachelorette
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  10. The man from uncle
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  11. May 13, 2016
    -Friday the 13th has treated me well!!!
  12. I just really love department stores
    I spend more time in the Kalsbeek cj t...