1. Take picture
  2. Get a cool idea, full of possibility and wonder for an amazing Instagram post
  3. If #2 happens first, then refer back to #1
  4. Edit the shit out of that pic until it's beyond all recognition
  5. Use 7.5 different editing apps to find the most "natural" filter
  6. Come up with an inspirational or witty caption
    Any other kind of caption is irrelevant
  7. Go back and edit some more out of that bitch
  8. Keep staring blankly at screen for 2 hours thinking of a caption that will suffice
  9. Google possible inspirational quotes that would barely even relate to the picture
  10. Scrap the deep quote idea, no one likes those anyway
    But deep down, still wanting to find the perfect cheesy quote
  11. Decide on some mediocre pun that you originally had in mind 4.5 hours ago
  12. Have everything queued up but still stare at screen, nervous for the future
    Commitment issues
  13. Hit "share" and get a rush of adrenaline
  14. Immediately start second-guessing everything you've worked on for the past 7 hours
    And everything you've ever done in your life
  15. Contemplate deleting it or changing the caption
  16. Decide against it because you're too mentally & emotionally exhausted
  17. Sit and stare at screen for 12 years, waiting for likes and comments to appear
  18. Now you've successfully wasted 3 weeks of your life on Instagram