1. Slept in until 10:30
    Could have been 10:40, not really sure
  2. Had a bowl of Honey Bunches of Oats
    Saturated in Lactaid milk of course
  3. Cleaned my room
    More like moved a bunch of crap around and put things in different places
  4. Made a fried egg and toast
    I put butter on the toast btw
  5. Ate the fried egg and toast
  6. Cried while watching So You Think You Can Dance Kids
    It was just so beautiful
  7. Re-watched the dance on the show several times so I cried several more times
    It led to a pathetic sob of sorts for some reason
  8. Watched the movie "What If..."
    I highly recommend it. Daniel Radcliffe's awkwardness is the bomb diggity
  9. Perused Spotify for longer than expected
  10. Spent some more time shuffling things around in my room
  11. Ate some hella good pizza with the fam while watching Cutthroat Kitchen
  12. Culver's custard to top it all off of course
  13. Now I am here
  14. Sleep
  15. The end