Things I do while studying

  1. Not study
  2. Jam
    The perfect ratio is 3:1 - 3 parts finding music to 1 part "studying"
  3. Eat copious amounts of snacks
    Make sure to wipe them greasy paws after each chip intake
  4. Daydream
    Usually about food related activities, sometimes not
  5. Think of all the possibilities where I could trip, fall, and die
  6. Become paralyzed by fear of falling that I cannot study
  7. Calm myself down with a Twix
  8. When calm, look up random dance routine videos on YouTube
    When inspiration hits, you can't avoid it
  9. Think about my life as a famous choreographer
    Or anything where I could be famous, really
  10. Get an epiphany for the answer to #42
    The propulsion into reality is jarring
  11. Get distracted again when I see notification that aunt Laura posted another pic in her "gym rat" album on Facebook
    She heard the term once, now it's all she says. "Hey aunt Laura, could you pass the stuffing?" "Since I'm a gym rat, right? That's why you asked me? Of course!"
  12. Find old embarrassing pictures of friends and humiliate them
  13. Spend 7 hours on various social media
    May include stalking crush until every detail about their life is memorized
  14. Get distracted again by getting hit in the eye by a dust particle
  15. Shut book
  16. "I need a study break"
  17. Go hang out with friends