You're suburban? Middle-aged? Then you should DEFINITELY hit my mix the next time you do cardio. Approximate play time of 45 minutes, but the feeling of finally being cool for not rocking out to your kid's Taylor Swift downloads will last forever.
  1. Right Above It - Lil Wayne
    With Drake. Best line - "We walk the same path, but got on different shoes."
  2. Hit 'Em Up - 2pac
    Arguably the best of the dis song genre. While I believe No Vaseline is technically better, 2pac is actually dead (supposedly), ergo, he wins.
  3. Why We Thugs - Ice Cube
    Listen to this and then mock Cube for making Are We There Yet, I dare you.
  4. Hustlin' - Rick Ross
    The man is an artist when it comes to painting a picture using nothing but profanity and references to cocaine.
  5. Juicy - The Notorious B.I.G.
    In my world, you don't have to choose between Biggie and 2pac. You're welcome.
  6. Party Up (Up in Here) - DMX
    If this some doesn't make you think of the jumping llama, get yourself to YouTube immediately.
  7. Express Yourself - NWA
    Ice Cube says it gets funky when you got a subject and a predicate.
  8. No Vaseline - Ice Cube
    Not only does this song have a solid groove, but it's the perfect tune to crank when the new family in the big house behind yours insists on playing Barbra Streisand's entire repertoire, including the Yentl soundtrack, at full blast.
  9. Joy and Pain - Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock
    An ideal anthem for anyone who's named her biceps "Joy" and "Pain." Or if you liked the song in college, either way.
  10. Young Forever - Jay Z
    Sometimes I think Jay Z is smug. Yet when he remakes a song like this, he kind of deserves to be.