I live out of my car during the work week. Here's what you can steal out of it right now if you know where I park.
  1. Cinnamon Altoids
    I hate the mint ones.
  2. GermX
    Huuuuge bottle.
  3. Scentsy Car Jar
    Luna scent.
  4. McDonald's unsweetened iced tea
    Large with extra ice.
  5. Dove deodorant
    Travel size.
  6. Polka dot nail file
  7. German elementary school English textbook
    My husband wrote poetry for it, so we got a few copies.
  8. The Pyramid by Henning Mankel
    Wallander's early cases.
  9. Polka dot umbrella from Target
  10. Kalona Supernatural yogurt
    Peach, cream-top, 5% (plus Ezekiel cereal and pecans to stir in).
  11. Polka dot bra.
    I swear I'm not obsessed with polka dots.