1. Lisa Left Eye Lopez in court for burning down her boyfriend's house in a floral Laura Ashley looking dress looking all of 12 years old.
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  2. Dawson's black leather choker necklace that he wore on every episode (actor's own)
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  3. Janet Jackson in Poetic Justice with those braids and that cabbie hat (but also Janet throughout the 90s in general). Matter fact, Khloe's biting off that look hard these days, she's only missing the braids!
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  4. Tonya Harding strutting in her NO COMMENT sweatshirt
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  5. Lisa Loeb cat eye glasses in the Stay video for Reality Bites
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  6. Britney and Justin in denim on denim
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  7. Kelly Kapowski's off the shoulder Bayside sweatshirt for prom
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