This is not to say that the original casting is wrong per se, just a little game of YEAH BUT What If?
  1. SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK: Marissa Tomei as Tiffany. Right? Right?? I really think this role was meant for her. There's an innocence about her, coupled with a brittleness-- a real life lived.
    Which isn't to say JLaw wasn't wonderful-- she was. But what's a grown-ass woman to do if she can't get a part written specifically for a 40 year old? I guess play Aunt May.
  2. PRIDE AND PREJUDICE: Romola Garai as Elizabeth Bennett. She's got the intelligent eyes, the quickness that Elizabeth has.
  3. Alternatively, Felicity Jones!
  4. DARK KNIGHT RISES: Kate Mara as Catwoman. This is no slam on Anne Hathaway bc I thought she was sensational in it, I just feel like Kate has a certain kind of wildness/unpredictability to her that is very compelling to watch.
  5. Kate Winslet in pretty much any role bc she can do anything, be anyone. Seriously can you think of anyone who could've done better as Clementine in Eternal Sunshine? Please try.