1. FEDORA. Share the panna cotta cheesecake with passion fruit for dessert.
  2. HENRY PUBLIC. Get a cozy little booth. If you're super hungry get the turkey sandwich with gravy.
  3. PERRY ST. This has a fancy vibe, go here if you're looking to impress/be classy. Like maybe his or her parents are in town and you want to make a good impression.
  4. KUMA INN. One of my fav places. Get the sautéed Chinese sausage. BYOB.
  5. LUCALI. Pizza here is so good. Jay and Beyoncé's fav before they went vegan. The owner was involved in a knife fight and there were whispers of mafia drama but it turns out it was over a girl. BYOB.
  6. BATTERSBY. Do the tasting menu, totally worth it.