Inspired by @mindy
  1. For somebody to come hang up all my artwork and measure and curate
  2. A gift basket of my favorite discontinued snacks: strawberry Bonkers, Mountainberry Kool-Aid, Kashi honey sesame crackers, peanut butter Boppers
  3. Agent Provocateur bras but no panties. I always buy them and they're just as expensive as the bras, and yet I never wear them. It would be a waste of your money. Also it's uncomfortable to sit on lace for a long period of time.
  4. Chinese tea that blooms into a flower when you pour hot water on top
  5. Prada floral backpack
  6. A beautifully bound photo album of me and you, engraved with something meaningful to us like the day we met, inside joke, etc
  7. Ice cream maker and also pls organize my kitchen cabinets so I have room to store it
  8. Criterion Collection DVD of Rebecca
  9. Original Sweet Valley High cover painting. My best friend used to work at Alloy so I know they exist! Pls procure somehow. First choice cover would be Secrets.
  10. Tickets to Led Zeppelin reunion show
  11. Tim Riggins's letterman jacket. Full disclosure I already own a Panthers letterman jacket from the show, but it's just an anonymous extra's.
  12. Makeup lesson from a celebrity makeup artist who knows how to do Asian eyes
  13. Irene Neuwirth necklace-- specifically a necklace of Taylor Swift's cat, with opals and diamonds. Her cat is so cute.
  14. Fly out Marie Kondo to kondo my apartment
  15. Floral ribbed long underwear set
  16. Chanel bag like the one Rachel McAdams carries in Midnight in Paris
  17. Tranquil Breezes perfume