This turned into a list about Chris Messina...
  1. MIKE TYSON. It was Christmastime and I was 17. I was walking around Bloomingdales when I saw Mike, in a fur coat, dripping in diamonds, sitting on a stool in the makeup section. Shaking, I venture up to him and say, Excuse me? My friend stands to the side with my Nikon, ready to snap our pic. He growls, "I'm not who you think I am." But he was!
  2. GEORGE CLOONEY. He was filming Burn After Reading in my neighborhood, my same friend and I were lurking. He's hopping into his SUV and we whisper, Excuse me? Mr. Clooney, would you mind taking a picture with us? He hops back out which is when I realize he's in a cast. He beams, Sure! Puts his arms around us, a true gent. It's why he is A++forever.
  3. CHRIS MESSINA. I was walking around my neighborhood and there was a stoop sale sign so I ring the bell. This cute but sour guy answers. We chat, he says he's an actor on Six Feet Under, I say I don't have HBO anymore. He says he's moving to LA to really give the acting thing a shot, also his relationship.
  4. I buy his bookshelf for 30 bucks. I don't want to take it right that second so he says I can pick it up the next day if I leave a $15 deposit. We exchange numbers.
  5. His bookshelf is really heavy and he advises me to give the cab driver $5 to help me carry it up my 4th floor walk up. He seems reluctantly concerned about me carrying it by myself. I chicken out on asking bc I'm not sure if $5 is too cheap. I cry on the third floor bc it is so heavy and I'm now realizing I don't even want the bookcase that bad.
  6. I mostly just bought it because he was cute and also because I felt like I had to buy something since I'd been in his apartment browsing. It felt awk to leave without buying at least one thing. Also, I agreed to buy it before I realized he had a gf.
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  7. I was at the movies a year or two later and saw that the stoop sale guy had a small but plum role in Vicky Cristina Barcelona, and I felt happy that he had made it. My $30 helped light his path to stardom! And he is still with that girl!