In my opinion, the perfect CCC is flat, crispy around the edges, softer in the middle. Airy pockets and crags. Light in color. Mine were not that. After two attempts in two days, I now have so much cookie dough in my fridge and freezer. 😕
  1. Mine turned out puffy (Levain style) and I'm pretty sure I over-creamed the sugar and butter. The more air you whip in, the higher the cookie rises. (Or so I read.)
  2. I also need a lighter pan for better spread.
  3. I forgot to buy light brown sugar so I improvised with white and dark brown. Maybe this is where I went wrong.
  4. I spooned the dough too big. I need smaller dollops, also way thinner. Actually the dough shouldn't be a dollop at all.
  5. Maybe my oven rack needs to be higher? I'll look into this.
  6. Maybe I need to buy an oven thermometer to make sure my temp is correct?
  7. UPDATE: a happy ending
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  8. I moved my oven rack up, chilled the dough for 48 hours, then sliced. Et voila!