1. When people in movies are vague with their orders. "I'll have a beer." Really, that's how you order a drink at a bar? You just say "a beer" and the bartender magically knows what kind? "I'll have a Coke and a popcorn." What size, mothereffer??
  2. Gifts are always wrapped in boxes with lids that people elegantly lift off. Have you ever wrapped a box and its lid in your life? Have you ever received a gift like that? We never see anybody tear into a gift and rip off the wrapping paper, except in A Christmas Story.
  3. Perfectly blown out hair, especially in suburban teen movies. There are no drybars in Pittsburgh PA so pls stop bc I'm not believing you.
  4. Related-- when women go to sleep in full makeup. Nobody puts on eyeshadow and lip gloss to go to bed!
  5. Teens without cars or licenses have a remarkably easy time getting around. How'd you guys get to the mall, huh? How'd you get to that dope popular girl's party? In 500 Days of Summer, you're telling me that little girl rode her bike from wherever she lives all the way to downtown LA??
  6. NYC cab drivers are always white guys with Brooklyn accents. Except never in real life.
  7. When people sit on one side of a dinner table. Golden Girls went so far as to grab a stool every time it was the four of them! Or they'd have Sofia stirring sauce and throwing in her two cents from over there.