I'm going purely on memory here, guys. SATC is my special skill.
  1. Guy who takes a crap with the door open
    A81825bf cc41 48e0 b614 1de6115ac2df
  2. Guy with funky spunk
    Cbce1718 1aef 4c29 ae82 e712b6313109
  3. Dickish guy who was like IS THIS YOU re Carrie's SINGLE AND FABULOUS? mag cover
    E0fe6c94 94c1 46c0 baf0 ec6d67d05ce5
  4. Guy that wanted Carrie to pee on him
    29f31ec0 be62 47c1 824b 9f8b896f19c9
  5. Guy that got off on sex in public
    082a44f1 f3e7 4d0b a5d7 1862d11037d7
  6. Guy that taped himself having sex with models
    1a652e40 f312 4fda 8466 eb19b409ff11
  7. Guy who pretends he's a surgeon when he really works at Reebok
    3dac15e9 3cc1 4492 a74e 11574c832d8d
  8. Guy who couldn't keep it up, also guy who was 30 Coolest Under 30
    0817afe2 ff22 49ca b5ac c7c69366d4f5