1. Night Court
    I maintain that they have a really great theme song and John Larroquette was kind of sexy.
  2. Empty Nest
    Lesser known Golden Girls spinoff. All I remember about this show is Harry the dog and Laverne the receptionist. Wait maybe Harry was the main guy...
  3. Golden Girls obviously
    Best episodes: when Blanche is supposed to babysit Sofia and Sofia goes to Italy. When the girls go on a beach getaway and the hotel is really shitty and they make enemies with these young douchey guys. Chicken Little episode.
  4. 227
    Jackee was my pre-Beyoncé goddess. Also this show is how I learned about the apartheid.
  5. Amen
    Only in dire situations when nothing else was on
  6. Sanford and Son
    Actually this was the best theme song. My grandpa and I used to watch this together and laugh and laugh. He spoke no English but we always laughed when Sanford would clutch his chest and say, Elizabeth I'm coming!