Pls make suggestions!
  1. Heathrow: The Gorgeous Kitchen
    They have fresh squeezed juice and their own bakery. Get the English breakfast with baked beans and fried eggs and tomato.
  2. Austin TX: Salt Lick
    Get the breakfast tacos-- one brisket and one sausage.
  3. JFK: Shake Shack
    Self explanatory. Wait! Don't get their breakfast sandwich or the granola custard thing. Just get a burger no matter what. Sausage vs hamburger meat, breakfast food is arbitrary. Also their breakfast sandwiches are terrible.
  4. St Louis: n/a
    There's nothing for you here. Best off getting some wasabi peas or Chex Mix at the newsstand.
  5. San Francisco: Andales
    Just get a burrito bowl and call it a day.
  6. Dulles: Chipotle