(Maybe you did know it??) Here's some random rom com trivia that you may or may not already know.
  1. In MY BEST FRIEND'S WEDDING, Dermot Mulroney was supposed to end up with Julia Roberts but test audiences hated the ending so they changed it. Doesn't this put everything into perspective?? He's so flirty with her! For ex, sucking a ring off her finger-- not a best friend move, MICHAEL. That's a sex move and you know it.
  2. In SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE, Jonah has a nightmare and Bye Bye Blackbird plays and he tells Tom Hanks to kiss his bear Howard. Tom REALLY didn't want to kiss the bear. He felt like Sam was already reading really emasculated and this would put it over the top. He fought Nora Ephron on it and he lost.
  3. In A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN, the real reason Dottie decides to leave the league is... she and Jimmy Dugan had a hot makeout! It's why she's crying in her slip, because she feels guilty for cheating on her man, not because she accidentally got her kid sister Kit traded. You can find the deleted makeout scene on the Internet.
  4. The Shop Around the Corner in YOU'VE GOT MAIL is based on children's bookstore Books of Wonder on 18th Street in NYC. The signage is all the same! (I worked here in grad school because You've Got Mail is one of my favs.) Meg Ryan and Steve Zahn both worked there for research. Books of Wonder also makes a cameo on an episode of Law and Order SVU.
  5. (about a pedophile picture book author!)
  6. Reese Witherspoon was almost Cher Horowitz in CLUELESS! The studio really wanted Reese but Amy was set on Alicia.