I was inspired to make this list by @zoe's interview with Sandy for Glamour magazine. I have so much ❤️ for Sandy. I'm a Standy.
  1. Did you know that The Proposal beat out The Hangover 2 for the number one spot opening weekend?? Did you?! This when the romantic comedy is supposedly donzo. (I saw it twice in the THEATER opening weekend so I feel a small measure of pride in its #1 spot.)
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  2. Sandy is 51. Ryan Reynolds is 38. 13 year age difference. You know how many times the movie made mention of that age difference? None. It was a non-starter. How often does this happen? That a woman is older than a man in a movie and they are romantic leads and it's not a plot point? Like, never. This is what I like to call THE POWER OF SANDY.
  3. Sandra Bullock adopted a baby and for months, DURING OSCAR SEASON, DURING THE BIGGEST YEAR OF HER PROFESSIONAL LIFE, UNDER HARSHEST SCRUTINY OF HER PERSONAL LIFE, nobody knew. People kept that shit so tight under wraps, it was a gd miracle. A secret of that magnitude-- pediatricians, childcare, drivers, housekeepers, UPS delivery guy. 1/2
  4. How? How? Because people love her. They are devoted. THE POWER OF SANDY. 2/2
  5. Sandra dates hot guys before anybody else cares to F with them. She spots talent. You think anybody was looking at Ryan Gosling before she snatched him up? He hadn't done shit but some Mickey Mouse Club and some Young Hercules. Oh, and he's 17 years younger and still considers her the great love of his life next to The Notebook. 1/2
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  6. Tate Donovan-- do you think Jennifer Aniston would've dated him if Sandy hadn't already been there/done that? That's some Ronald Miller shit right there. From totally geek to totally chic.
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  7. And her exes still love her and show up to celebrate her at awards ceremonies! They give speeches extolling her greatness, her hotness.
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  8. And I'm convinced that George sees her as the one that got away. Look I'm sure he's very happy in his marriage but come on. This is SANDY.
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  9. This.
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  10. Buys her infant son Warhols because she knows they're a better investment than a trust fund
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  11. Because without her, there wouldn't have been this scene
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    And then who @mindy Lahiri could have been ? Katherine Heigl ? Ew.
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