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  1. Miley
    Preferably when she doesn't have to sing and is just living her lovely life
  2. Kendall Jenner / Gigi / cara
    Can i strut down a cat walk as one of these models plz?
  3. My dog
    I know she's not a people but I've always wondered...
  1. Brooke street ?
    Is it called that lol think it had kylie in.
  2. Holby city / casualty
    Which I hated as I'm squeamish but anything to stay awake and not go to bed lol.
  1. Graduating university / not giving it up
  2. Passing theory first time
  3. Actually starting to learn to drive and look for a new job this year rather than moaning about it
  1. Jennifer
  2. Jenny
  3. Jen 😍
  1. Shy lil me
  2. 2 cool 4 skwl
  3. Wtf was I thinking?
4 more...
  1. Offered an interview 🤓
  2. Pizza Hut buffet 🍕🍕🍕
  3. Reunited with an iPhone 😊
  1. Wasted way too much time with an idiot
  2. Got the deadest foot I've ever had whilst walking through a giant uni library room, so hopped the whole way through, alone