Inspired by @Beezus and @lizabeth because cats rule all.
  1. I know and love several cats. This little girl is one of them.
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  2. I found her at Petsmart and she purred as soon as we opened her cage.
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  3. Being Parks & Rec fans, we named her Leslie. As with most cat names, however, this quickly devolved into nonsensical/adorable nicknames...
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  4. ...such as "Little Monster"
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  5. and "Princess"
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  6. and "LOAF!!!"
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  7. (She is a loafing expert)
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  8. She loves smelly things, like feet, shoes, and socks.
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  9. She also enjoys boxes...
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  10. ...and paper bags.
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  11. She also likes to hang her butt off of things.
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  12. ...
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  13. ...climb up on my husband...
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  14. ...and hang out with her big brother, Midnight (also a long-haired brown tabby).
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  15. Her döppelgänger models for Target.
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  16. She has five adorable stripes on the back of her fuzzy neck.
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  17. Sometimes I tuck her into bed like a human. She doesn't mind.
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  18. She will try to destroy new things in the apartment, like when I put this draft guard under the door.
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  19. Her right eye is weird, but I think it makes her even more adorable.
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  20. She is a crazy little beast, but we are best pals. ❤️❤️❤️
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