The busiest (and often best) time of year.
  1. Singing in the Colorado Ballet Nutcracker
    What? There's singing in the Nutcracker? Yes, in the snow scene. It's supposed to be a children's choir, but we make it work with two grown women. I get to sit in the pit and watch and learn from two amazing conductors (one of them has the ENTIRE score memorized!).
  2. Managing events for a local choir
    This is my favorite church that they sing at. This job is more music-adjacent, but I still *mostly* enjoy it. I confirm reservations with venues, find and train ushers, and generally float around and solve problems. I also get to listen to some lovely choral music.
  3. Caroling at 16th Street Mall and the Butterfly Pavilion
    My favorite kind of music-making: singing with three fellow musicians, all of us graduate or post-graduate. Getting up and singing with talented friends is one of the most satisfying and pure sources of joy in life, and I can't get enough of it!
  4. Directing my own church choir
    This is my favorite thing on the list, and the occupation that's building my career the most. I'm incredibly privileged to work at a very open-minded, truly egalitarian and reconciling church. We're also the first certified green church in Denver! I get to hire a few soloists for Christmas to bulk up my small choir, and it's a fantastic chance to do some exquisite music.
  5. Happy Holidays, everyone!