Guys I'm Into on "The Crown," Ranked

This list is the most auspicious return I could muster after a six-month silence πŸ™ƒ
  1. 11.
    Tommy Lascelles (Pip Torrens)
    I'm not proud of this.
  2. 10.
    The Duke of Windsor (Alex Jennings)
    Look, I don't get it either, it's just how I feel.
  3. 9.
    King George VI (Jared Harris)
  4. 8.
    Porchey (Joseph Kloska)
    Handsome, nice-guy foil to unruly Philip.
  5. 7.
    Lord Mountbatten (Greg Wise)
    In real life he's married to living goddess Emma Thompson, because OF COURSE HE IS
  6. 6.
    Graham Sutherland (Stephen Dillane)
    Brooding artist with no time for superficial pleasantries. Into it.
  7. 5.
    Hans Zimmer
    He wrote the main title and I really like chromatic third relationships, ok?
  8. 4.
    Anthony Eden (Jeremy Northam)
    YUP. Into everything about this.
  9. 3.
    Martin Charteris (Harry Hadden-Paton)
    Symmetrical face βœ”οΈ, boyish charm βœ”οΈ, great at his job βœ”οΈ
  10. 2.
    Group Captain Peter Townsend (Ben Miles)
    Honestly his cheekbones could CUT GLASS, and how about that British reticence 😚
  11. 1.
    Prince Philip (Matt Smith)