A year ago today, I had spent the previous night doing online research, woke up, and went all vegan all at once. Ask me about veganism! (No judgment from me!)
  1. How has being vegan for a year changed you?
    Suggested by @pathb
  2. @pathb well, there are some physical changes - I've lost weight, my skin and hair are healthier, my stomach feels better. I've also started cooking at home more often, and gotten closer to my two siblings, who are also vegan.
  3. Any changes of note in energy level? Mood?
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  4. How has this change affected your food budget?
    Suggested by @pathb
  5. Do you ever miss eating meat or dairy foods? My daughter has been vegetarian (not vegan of course) about 25 years and still occasionally craves bacon if she smells it cooking, or turkey on Thanksgiving. Other than those she has no desire for any meat, fish, or fowl anymore.
    Suggested by @Heartsounds
  6. @pathb I have had much higher energy levels, actually! I used to feel so sluggish after eating dairy, but now, even if I overeat vegan junk foods, the dip in energy is never as bad as it used to be after a meal of meat and/or cheese. On a daily basis, my energy is higher, too - especially when I make the effort to eat whole plant foods.
  7. @pathb it's been good overall for my food budget, but I have to make sure I'm not buying too many meat or dairy substitutes, which can be expensive. I often eat rice and beans and usually look for produce that's on special, or already cheap (like kale). Protein is the biggest difference - legumes, tofu, nuts, etc. are so much cheaper than meat.
  8. @Heartsounds I do sometimes crave animal products, especially cheese. Although I get an occasional craving for bacon or burgers if I smell them cooking, most meat smells are starting to make me sick. I was never a huge meat-eater, and I've always hated cooking it, so that part hasn't been quite as tough as dairy products.
  9. Any drawbacks?
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  10. @pathb sometimes it's inconvenient, like at social gatherings or holidays. My immediate family is great, but some of my other relatives are weirdly judgmental about it. It's also taken some work to make sure I'm taking appropriate supplements and eating well-rounded meals - which I'm still working on doing more consistently!