I'm not encouraging getting drunk with friends (or silly on flu medicine). But I'm not NOT encouraging it.
  1. "Lady Marmalard"
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    The beautiful beginnings of the Leslie-Ann best-friendship. Possibly the most laugh-out-loud moment of season one.
  2. "Queen of the Gays"
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    "Ma-ma-ma poker face, ma-ma poker face"
  3. Practice Date
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    "You are too. YOU ARE TOO, ANN!"
  4. Flu Season
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    "When I read the meter, it was in hieroglyphics. Do you know the exchange rate?" Maybe my favorite episode.
  5. The Fight
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  6. Tammy One
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  7. The one with the interview
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    A light moment in sometimes-heavy season 4. Ann's Russian accent is a good bonus.
  8. After the recall
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    Okay, so this is a sad point in Leslie's story, overall. This demonstrates, however, that it's pretty fun to get drunk and lovey-dovey with your S.O. Also one of Leslie's best hair looks.
  9. Parental drunkenness
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    Ben and Leslie have an accidental night of crazy partying, and it's great. This may or may not result in a premature congressional bid for Ben.