I was watching Documentary Now with Bill Hader and Fred Armisen, and they have an opossum living in the house of the "Grey Gardens" episode. I was actually crying IT WAS SO CUTE (facts largely from this video, WHICH FEATURES A REAL OPOSSUM: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=--NhXqNYfXw)
  1. After nursing in the mother's pouch, baby opossums climb onto her back and ride around.
  2. The Virginia opossum is North America's only native marsupial.
    Eastern-hemisphere possums are actually more closely related to kangaroos than to the North American opossum.
  3. Opossums' low body temperature makes it impossible for them to carry the rabies virus.
  4. When opossums "play possum," they faint for 40 minutes to several hours. They do this involuntarily when they're terrified.
    I understand this on a deep level.
  5. Female opossums are BADASS. They only have 13 days to get ready for their babies to arrive, and then they do EVERYTHING to raise them.
    Male opossums have zero parenting responsibility.
  6. Opossums are migratory animals, so you won't find them marking or aggressively defending their territory. They can't spray like skunks or cats.
    They might defend their food, though.
  7. They could be adorable pets, except they would probably get into all of your food and nibble on it.
  8. Some prestigious television appearances:
  9. Parks & Rec
  10. ...
    🎶"Fairway Frank, you're gonna die, you're gonna fry, oh yeah. You guilty son-of-a-bitch! You're gonna fry when they flip that switch!"🎶
  11. Brooklyn 99
    Charles thinks he's found Cheddar, Captain Holt's corgi. I CRIED
  12. Documentary Now
    Okay, so I can't find a picture or GIF of the opossum, but just look at this. Unmissable television.