I'm losing my mind or finally learning to let go of my "follow the rules" mentality.
  1. I had Kombucha and Oreos for breakfast.
    Yep, I consumed these two polar opposites at 6:30am.
  2. I did not feel guilty.
  3. I did not worry.
  4. I did not adjust my workout to account for said Oreos.
  5. I wasn't zombie by noon; contrary to the "don't skip breakfast" crowd belief.
  6. I told no one I actually know.
    They are too busy being rational adults to understand my desire to deviate, even if only for one meal.
  7. For the glory of going against the grain...
  8. I was disappointed by modern Oreos.
    Years ago you would carefully navigate the twist. Too much pressure and the cream separated or the cookie broke. It was an accomplishment to get a clean twist. The new ones separated without a twist; not everything needs to be improved. 😡