Gifts I received on Boss's Day

My assistants and paralegals celebrate all holidays, even the made up ones. We spend thousands of hours a year together and they know me so well they don't even waste time on the fancy stuff.
  1. Cherry Coke Zero
    That pile of caps is from last week. I don't drink coffee, this is my vice.
  2. Apples & Almond Butter
    This is often breakfast and lunch which is a sad commentary on how packed my calendar is.
  3. 100 Grand candy bars
    Usually I get the snack size but they went all out. Bad conference calls equal at least one 100 Grand.
  4. Hershey's Kisses
    When young associates are having a break down I have a bowl of these on my desk. Chocolate seems to stop them from crying.
  5. Aleve
    Because I ran out and keep stealing theirs.